Big Rock by Lauren Blakely

Big Rock by Lauren BlakelyFrom the opening prologue she had me laughing out loud at her overconfident man whore, Spencer. He was very proud of his big cock. I was also howling over the acknowledgement to her friend for being able to make an R look like a C (look at the cover title). Brilliant!

Spencer is very content with his life. He’s rich, successful and popular with the ladies. He loves women, loves making them happy with his big cock and has no intention of changing his way of life. That is until his father asks him to tone down his image in order to impress a potential buyer for his business. Spencer’s best friend and business partner, Charlotte reluctantly agrees to be his fake fiancé for a week. The faking turns to reality when these two besties realize they were meant to be.

This is a funny, sexy and heartwarming romance. That first sex scene between Spencer and Charlotte had me fanning my face and nearly sliding off my chair. I kid you not! The only other time I was so overwhelmed by a sex scene was Anna and Edward’s first time in The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt.

Hear a short excerpt in this hilarious video from Lauren Blakely, herself! 

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