Seducing Jane Porter by Dominique Adair

Let me start out by saying I’m not a huge fan of BDSM. I don’t hate it or anything; I just don’t seek it out. Seducing Jane Porter was a book I found online for free when I was searching out some book deals. The synopsis grabbed me plus I always want to expand my erotic-reading horizons.

Seducing Jane Porter is actually book 1 in a series. It’s a short story, but it is self-contained. You can stop there, but I did not. I hungrily read all three. You will want to also, I’m sure.

Jane Porter is a successful party planner who has been focused on her business for the past year. A painful breakup has kept her away from men. Now that she is successful she decides to get back into the dating pool. Being a sexual submissive she decides their current weekend sex party is the perfect place to have a fantasy affair. She needs to get her groove back. And at age 36 she knows what she wants…someone to test her sexual boundaries.

Antonio Villareal is a wealthy Spanish vineyard owner, enjoying his 29th birthday at his brother’s sex party. He has recently dumped his selfish gold-digging girlfriend and is in search of a good time. When he spots Jane across the room he falls instantly in lust. She’s a mature confident woman who looks like she enjoys life. Her easy smile and comfortable laughter make him want to get closer.

When Jane and Antonio meet their chemistry is explosive. Their sex scenes are hot, yet tender. He definitely knows how to treat a lady. When she lets him know she wants to be mastered he gives her what she wants.

In the books that follow, Jane is introduced into a menage relationship with Antonio and his best friend Santos. She loves being worshipped by two men and they love the fact that she is insatiable. Her ex-boyfriend returns and we see her lovers show their possessive and caring nature. These alpha males won’t let anyone hurt their “Beauty”.

The Jane Porter series was very well written and had a lot of emotion. The characters were likable and believable. The sex scenes were not too repetitive (and there were a lot of them). There was also a secondary romance that was fun. The only problem I had was an overuse of the C-word. I don’t care for that word at all. To me it has a negative vibe. But aside from that I loved it and didn’t want it to end.

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