PRIEST by Sierra Simone

Holy FUCK!

And I thought Richard Chamberlain in The Thorn Birds was a hot priest. Ladies you are gonna melt for Father Tyler Bell. I was fanning myself all through this book.

I stumbled across Priest by Sierra Simone on Facebook and saw that Lauren Blakely called it “Hot. As. Sin.” I had just recently discovered Lauren Blakely (check the sidebar for my review of her book, Big Rock) and knew if she thought that, I would love it.

The story is about a young Catholic priest (29) who is very happy in his role, leading a small town congregation and running their church. When a lost woman stumbles into his confessional he is attracted to her immediately. She is not religious, but is searching for answers and direction for her life. Father Bell ignores his better judgement and takes her on as “lamb” to his “shepherd”.

Their friendship turns to lust then love, which threatens to destroy Father Bell’s tidy little life. Broken vows, guilt and heartache lead Father Bell to an awakening he wasn’t expecting.

There is much joy, angst, drama and tons of steamy sex. Sex in very unlikely places, which were made holy thanks to Simone’s writing and Father Bell’s thoughts. Despite the subject matter, the spiritual aspect of the story was so well done.

Simone’s writing was so poetic and beautiful, even while being downright raunchy at times. I was laughing, crying and gasping throughout.

Don’t worry, there is a happy ending. That is a requirement for me.

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