Taken By Krampus

Taken By Krampus

Something is watching the village as they celebrate Krampus Night. A beast with dark urges has come to take a female back to his home. He craves a submissive wench to do his depraved bidding.
The woman he sets his sights on cares for the people of the village and wants nothing to harm them. She allows the beast to capture her to protect them. But she is not exactly an unwilling participant.

This one is a bit darker than my usual silly fluffy stuff. This is a predator and prey story.  I have labeled it as dubious consent, but it is quite obvious early on that the woman who is accosted is open to being "taken".


The sound of the bolt being thrown snapped me out of my thoughts. “What do you want?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

No interruptions.” He snickered and crept closer.

I stood and backed up, but there was nowhere to go. “There won’t be. The celebration at the barn will go all night.”


He grunted in response. Then he ordered me to turn around. I obeyed and was rewarded by the tug and rip of fabric. I gasped and trembled as he slid the ruined dress off my shoulders to let it pool at my feet.



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