Heat of the Moment by Elle Kennedy

Sometimes big stories come in small packages. Heat of the Moment by Elle Kennedy is a short sexy read that has a lot of heart.

We meet Shelby Harper, who is working in her coffee bar and café on the first heatwave of the year. She has been lusting after Navy SEAL John Garrett for months, but thinks he only sees her as a friend. We find out from John, through a conversation with his best friend, that he’s been longing for Shelby in all that time, but thinks she wouldn’t be interested in a military guy because of her jerky ex-boyfriend.

Bam! In the first few pages of this story we know who they are, what they do and how they feel about each other.

In the next scene Shelby overhears Garrett and his best friend Carson discussing her, thinking she’s too “vanilla”, that she might not be into wild and crazy sex (actually that was Carson talking). In order to prove that she’s not too sweet she invites Garrett and Carson upstairs for a menage. It’s her first time being so bold, but it’s also a fantasy of hers. And if that’s the only way she can get close to Garrett, so be it. And of course Garrett is thinking the exact same thing.

The menage sex is really great! It’s just sexy enough without being too raunchy. Not that there’s anything wrong with raunchy, but Shelby is a sweet girl and is not really into this sort of thing. All she wants is Garrett and all he wants is her.

Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending. Sort of. Hopefully in the sequel, which is about Carson, we will see Garrett and Shelby return.

This is a quick erotic romance that will leave you breathless and grinning like a lovesick fool.

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